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Established in 2001, PhysioArts is 100% physical therapist owned. They have quickly risen to the top of the dance medicine field, as demonstrated by the numerous dance and theatrical organizations that have selected PhysioArts to be their physical therapy providers. While their niche market is performing artists, their functional approach to rehabilitation applies to all individuals. Their scope of practice includes post-operative care, management of musculoskeletal disorders, vocal wellness, performance enhancement, preventive physical therapy and more.

At PhysioArts, their goals are full recovery of the injured area, restoration of efficient function and education in preventive techniques that enable performance without pain. PhysioArts’ skilled manual therapists combine traditional physical therapy, alternative holistic techniques and kinesthetic retraining to allow you to perform proficiently and maximize your body's potential. They treat the injury, and then help you develop a lifestyle that focuses on wellness and prevention. As leaders in the field of manual physical therapy, the highly trained staff of PhysioArts is committed to advancing their skill set. Each physical therapist participates in a minimum of two advanced clinical courses each year in addition to weekly inservices, co-treatments with other therapist and brainstorming sessions. There is a strong sense of teamwork as they all come together with the common goal of helping their patients reach their maximum potential.

Conveniently located in Chelsea, PhysioArts offers one-on-one sessions in their beautiful clinic. Their thorough evaluations look at each individual as a whole, and Their treatment plans aim to improve efficiency of the entire kinetic chain. They are committed to empowering Their patients with the knowledge and tools to facilitated their own healing as well as to safely and confidently continue to pursue their personal goals of health and fitness.

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