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Unique Courses

United Dance aims to share the love of dance and foster creativity by providing high quality, engaging, and thoughtfully designed programming in a structured, safe environment where individuals with Down syndrome and their families can be unequivocally themselves and experience the joy of dance to the fullest!

All classes are taught by a professional dancer who is trained in teaching dance to specialized populations. The teacher is supported by an assistant teacher, a musician, and a physical therapist or health care professional.

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Specialized Curriculum

in a supportive environment

In order to ensure that classes are fully accessible and enjoyable for students with Down syndrome, United Dance utilizes a specialized curriculum that addresses social, emotional, physical, and artistic growth. While the goal of United Dance is not to replace physical therapy or medical assistance, participants typically experience benefits that support their development outside of the studio.

Thoughtful programmatic features include:


"I got to dance where the students of the Paris Opera study, I saw them on tv and now I got to see them in real life!"


      - Jenni, United Dance Participant


Learning Objectives

  • Increase focus and enjoyment of movement

  • Improve posture, balance, and alignment

  • Attend to and follow directions

  • Enhance creative self-expression

  • Increase knowledge of music and rhythm 

  • Participate with a group and perhaps enhance their own self-confidence 

  • Cooperate with, lead and encourage peers

  • Distinguish right from left

  • Explore dance concepts and have opportunities to discover, explore, and create movement using these elements

  • Explore performance in studio and in front of an audience

Class Structure

Every dance class is 60 minutes and taught by a professional dance teacher trained in teaching dance to specialized populations. The teacher is accompanied by:


  • A musician

  • A physical therapist or healthcare professional

  • A teacher's assistant

Classes keep to a consistent schedule that includes:


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