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Your tax-deductible donation makes us possible.

Every year United Dance offers made-to-measure courses to hundreds of youth and young adults with a disability.

Our courses have helped children and adults find their confidence, increase their self-worth, and experience the joy of art in a safe and joyous environment.

Tax deductible donations go directly toward United Dance through our fiscal sponsor, The Foundation for Independent Artists.

Should you need any additional information or wish to donate in any other manner,

please contact us at +1 857 272 3444 or through email.

You are donating to a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation.

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Our Story

A word from our founder, Boris Richir

"I founded United Dance to give youth and young adults with Down syndrome the experience of a lifetime.


I have experienced the joys of a professional dancing career at the highest level, and I am passionate about bringing that joy to the participants of United Dance.

I strive to share my love of the arts with our budding artists with Down syndrome; I want to give them a moment of pride, empowerment, and confidence through self-expression.


I truly believe that when you give someone the right tools in a nurturing and safe environment, they can surpass their limits no matter their physical or mental abilities.


My greatest joy comes from seeing each participant’s personal evolution.

Our participants leave the program feeling empowered and deserving of respect as artists.

Thanks to our performing company we can be a voice for a more diverse art world and lead by example.


Through United Dance, we have the power of making a difference in someone’s life.


This is only possible with your generous help."

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