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Excellence in teaching since 2018



United Dance was founded by professional dancer Boris Richir in 2018 with the core values of inclusion, respect, and excellence.

Boris Richir worked closely in the Boston Ballet Adaptive Dance program during his time at the Boston Ballet, which originated in 2002 from a close collaboration between the company and Boston Children's Hospital. 

He discovered a passion for sharing his art with a population who could benefit from it the most on an artistic, physical and psychological level.


United Dance built their own curriculum to offer high quality dance education on an international level to help ensure all individuals can enjoy exceptional dance classes in a safe and accessible environment.


The United Dance team consists of renowned professionals in their respective fields (professional ballet dancers, musicians, and physiotherapists) and trained in inclusive dance. Supported by a team of healthcare professionals, dance teachers, and specialists in inclusive dance, United Dance strives to constantly improve classes and offer dance education at the highest caliber.

In 2022, the United Dance Company was founded to provide an avenue for dancers of all abilities to share their artistic talents.

The company focuses on producing new works with an accent on family friendly programming. 

Today United Dance is present in Europe, North America, and Asia. Courses and events are given in partnership with world leading cultural institutions.

Team (About)


Seasoned Professionals

The United Dance team consists of dedicated and passionate professionals including professional dancers, teachers, musicians, healthcare professionals and specialists in inclusive dance, all trained in teaching dance to specialized populations and at the top of their respective fields.

"The United Dance team is dedicated, professional, caring, and fun!

They clearly know what they are doing and immediately earned our trust."


      - Amy, mother of United Dance participant Julie

Benfits of Dance

Benefits of Dance

In and Out of the Studio

In order to ensure that classes are fully accessible and enjoyable for students with Down syndrome, United Dance utilized a specialized curriculum that addresses social, emotional, physical, and artistic growth. While the goal of United Dance is not to replace physical therapy or medical assistance, participants typically experience benefits that support their development outside of the studio.

"While having fun, my son got to work on balance, strength, coordination,

and much more."


      - James, father of United Dance participant Leo

Exceptional Locations

Exceptional Locations

Amsterdam, Antwerp, Atlanta, Boston, Burlington, Genval, New York City, Paris


All United Dance courses are located in state-of-the-art studios part of city landmarks or prestigious cultural organizations including the Paris Opera Ballet School, New York City Center, and the Dutch National Opera.

Our locations are often the envy of all professional dancers and we're proud to be offering them for you.

"I got to dance where the students of the Paris Opera study, I saw them on tv and now I got to see them in real life!"


      - Jenni, United Dance Participant