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 Frequently asked questions

The Program

What is Adaptive Dance? 

Adaptive dance is a creative movement program tailored for individuals with differing abilities, with the focus on creating a safe and open environment where being yourself is celebrated.


If enrolled, what will my child’s day and schedule look like?

It will vary depending on the selected course. Please find more information on your corresponding course page.


Course & Registration

How long is each class?

  • Dance Course (in-person & virtual): 60-minute dance class per day

  • Art Course: 60-minute dance class,  60-minute music class, 60-minute art class per day with lunch break

  • Choreographic add-on: 45-minute choreography workshop per day as an addition to your daily course class.

  • Choreographic Workshop: 60-minute dance class per day

Our courses are designed to challenge every participant. It can be too tiring if it is longer than 60-minutes.


How much does a United Dance course cost?

Our courses range between $15 and $230 depending on the type of class/course. 


How do I register a new student for class?

We have made it very easy and simple to register! It’s a quick 4-step process:

  1. Choose your course on the website.

  2. Fill in the online registration form.

  3. After we review your application, you will receive an online bill (North America) or payment instructions through bank transfer (Europe).

  4. Once your registration fee is paid, your registration is confirmed.


How do I register a returning student for class?

The registration process is the same for new or returning students.

How will I know if the course is too easy or difficult for my child?

All of our courses are designed to challenge every participant at their own pace. Thanks to our dedicated and uniquely rostered team of assistant teachers, every participant receives the care and stimulation needed at their level.


I am interested in the course; however, I’m not sure if it is the right fit for my child?

United Dance makes sure to adapt to the strengths and needs of every participant, no matter their abilities. Necessary tools are given to each participant to foster their creativity, expand boundaries, and have a joyful experience at their level. We have a dedicated team of carefully selected and trained instructors who are committed to helping your child thrive in our course.


How do I qualify for financial support/aid?

United Dance believes dance should be accessible to all and offers merit-based scholarships. If you are seeking financial aid, we will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire detailing your financial situation and why your son/daughter would benefit from our courses. 


How do I access online classes?

You can sign up for our virtual classes via the course page on our website. The registration process is easy and similar to an in-person class. Once we have received your registration and class fee, you will receive a link to your online class.


In the Classroom

What motivation strategies do the teachers use?

The teacher will use positive reinforcement, visual aids, and humor to motivate the participants. Our teachers are actively involved in the teaching process, by moving, mirroring, and demonstrating movements along with the participants.


What is the classroom atmosphere like?

The atmosphere is joyous, calm, and positive. Participants are encouraged to be themselves while respecting each other and their teachers.


Who will provide support for my child during class? When and how?

Every class is given by a teacher who is supported by assistant teachers. Assistant teachers are there to personally support participants who might need extra help or attention during the class. This way, every participant gets the attention and care they need all the while keeping their autonomy.

What are the teachers’ expectations for my child?

United Dance teachers are experienced professionals who strive to get the best out of every participant calmly and positively. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that promotes and encourages participants to be authentically themselves.


Do you know how to help my child when he/she is triggered or overwhelmed?

Our team goes through each section of our comprehensive registration form to ensure that we get to know every participant before they participate in the course. We aim to anticipate and avoid all negative triggers. Every participant is different, and we tailor our approach to best meet the needs of every individual.


What is the class size, and what are the student-teacher and student-aide ratios?

To ensure the high quality of our classes, group sizes are kept small, with an average of one team member per two students. Although we usually have a maximum of 15 students per class, our class sizes are contingent and defined by the age of our students and level. We determine after a careful review at the requirements stated in each participant’s registration form, location, etc. 


Can parents sit in and watch the class?

Yes, on the open day, which is the last day of the one-week course.



What COVID-19 protocols does United Dance take?

United Dance follows the guidelines established by local health authorities as well as recommendations from our medical advisors in regards to COVID-19 protocols. Our protocols have been put in place to offer the safest possible environment for participants. Our policies have not impeded the successful performance and joy of our students.


Get Involved

How do I become a part of the United Dance community?

It’s very simple! First, you can start by enrolling in one of our courses. Additionally, you can stay connected throughout the year via our newsletters and on social media:

  • Facebook: @uniteddance.official

  • Facebook Group: United Dance 

  • Instagram: @uniteddance.official

I am interested in volunteering, how do I get involved?

We would love to hear from you! Please send us your CV and a letter of motivation to


I would love to donate to the organization. What are the steps to donating?

It’s very simple! Click here to donate.

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