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Samuel Vekeman


The story of Samuel Vekeman –aka Sam Renascent –starts with a dream. At five years

old, the Congolese-born Antwerp-raised musician starts drumming and cherishes a big

ambition; to perform at het Sportpaleis, Belgium’s biggest venue.

At the Antwerp art school, his talent gets a first confirmation. He is selected for a scholarship in New Jersey

for Afro-Latin jazz. “When I got back in Belgium, I had to decide my direction in life.

I was lost and knew that I had to find some answers about my heritage first.”

Together with his adoptive parents he travels to Kinshasa, Congo to find his roots. “It might be a clichébut that trip changed my vision of life. I realised that I had opportunities that my siblings who didn’t get adopted could never have. I felt reborn.”

Sam Renascent –from the Latin word ‘renascere’ –refers to that feeling. With newly found strength and dedication, Sam starts studying musicperformance, first in Amsterdam, then International Music Business & Commercial Music Production in London. In 2018, he released his first single ‘Kobotama’, which tells the story of his rebirth on African tinted urban electro pop. “I wanted to tell the world who I am, what I stand for and how my character was formed.” This was followed by an EP called ‘Unbridled Confidence’in 2019. The Covid-years were silent on the outside but he’s been working behind the scenes both producing music for other artists, soundtracks for series and his own music. This year willbe his ‘comeback’year starting with a new single coming out in September 2022.

Sam is an all-round selfmade true Renaissance man.

He’s alwayslooking for new sounds, new opportunities, new talents and eager to discover new music.

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